Interior design - how can we help

Complex Interior design

The right choice for people who are planning to personally supervise all deliveries and finishing work as well as verify their quality and compliance with the project.
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Interior design & representation

The right choice for people who want our company to coordinate all finishing work and delivery on their behalf.
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Interior design - step by step

  • 1. Concept
  • 2. Materials
  • 3. Visualizations
  • 4. Supervision

Everything starts with an idea, which is why we start interior design process with a long meeting with you. We are getting to know each other, we ask what you’re passionate about what colors you like, what clothes you wear, which interiors you like. After the meeting, we prepare and show you the concept of your interiors. If it reflects your dreams, we prepare the first part of the projects for contractors. As a result, they can start finishing work, and we can continue our work on giving your interiors their individual character.

From the countless number of materials, we will choose the ones that will give the character to your interior and will suit your financial possibilities. Wou will be able to see and touch the selected materials. This will give you peace of mind and confidence that you invest in the proper quality of products.

Now is time for you to see how your new interior will look, decorated with the chosen materials. If your heart will beat faster, this would mean for us a well-done job. After visualizations we will quickly prepare the rest of the projects for contractors and bill of materials for providers. Thanks to this, it will be possible to quickly complete the finishing work.

Finishing interiors is demanding period for the customer. At the beginning you have to choose contractors and suppliers with whom you will be working. Then each day you have to organize their work, answer their questions and solve emerging problems. We can help you and arrange your interiors as the turnkey project. In this case, your role will be limited only to the approval of projects, the project budget and paying bills. The time you save you can spend on whatever you like.

If you would like to take care of supervising finishing work, we can support you. We will suggest you reliable contractors and suppliers, we will check the quality of the work performed by them and if ny problems will occure – we will help you solve them. Thanks to this, you will move into your house beeing glad and remembering well the implementation period.

Our team


Owner / Interior designer

Graduated Art at Uniwersytet Śląski in Katowice. Responsible for interior design and artistic affairs in studio.


Project Manager

Graduated IT on Politechnika Rzeszowska. Certified project manager, trainer and coach. Responsible for organizing the work of the studio.


Junior interior designer

Graduated Civil Engineering on Politechnika Rzeszowska. Worked many years as assistant architect. Responsible for the design and modelling.

Renata Ożóg

Assistant interior designer

Graduated Architecture at Politechnika Rzeszowska. Responsible for visualizations and supporting project work.

Our customers says about us

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Contact data

Office:ul. Chłopickiego 3/3, 35-210 Rzeszów. POLAND
Telefon:+48 730 150 558
Otwarte:Monday – Friday 08:30 – 16:00
We prepare interior designs for investments throughout Poland and abroad. Meetings outside office hours by appointment.

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